Giant Power Batteries are designed for storage of energy with a minimum use of space, while retaining performance and safety.

Every Giant Power Lithium Battery contains a Battery Management System (BMS) built-in for safety, reliability and longevity. The BMS will react to any fault condition and you can monitor your battery performance via the Bluetooth App.

Giant Power Batteries are uniquely tailored to suit Australian conditions, ensuring peak performance at higher ambient temperatures.

Monitor Your Battery

  • High Cycle & Service Life
  • Engineered & Tested To Last
  • Precision In Design
  • Designed to Integrate Seamlessly into Existing Systems
  • Built to Withstand the Tough Australian Environment
  • Trustworthy Power Solutions
  • Industry Leading Warranty
  • Australia Wide Support
Giant Power Batteries

Don’t let a flat battery ruin your trip!

Use a trusted best-selling Giant Power Battery!

With an industry leading battery warranty, with the lifetime support that people have come to expect from a Australian Owned and Operated Company.

A Commitment to Excellence!

Battery Reliability

Every battery product has been subjected to a series of stress tests by our team of engineers and designers.

12v Battery Specialists

We’ve made it our business to supply the best quality deep cycle batteries giving customers trustworthy power solutions.

Our Guarantee

Battery products that are built to withstand the challenges of the Australian environment and lifestyle.

Total Integration

We’ve designed our products to integrate seamlessly into your existing systems.


A product is only as strong as its weakest link. We chose quality suppliers to uphold the higher standard.

Product Warranty

We stand by our industry leading warranties, with the highest quality Australian Made battery products. We have stood the test of time, in the Australian market.

Lithium Battery Range

100AH 12V Lithium Battery

130AH 12V Lithium Battery

140AH 12V Lithium Battery

170AH 12V Lithium Battery

170AH 12V Slimline Lithium Battery

260AH 12V Lithium Battery
(200AMP BMS)

340AH 12V Lithium Battery

48V Lithium Golf Cart Battery

AGM Battery Range

140AH 12V AGM Battery

330AH 12V AGM Deep Cycle Battery

550AH 6V AGM Battery

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Largest & leading manufacturer of 12V LITHIUM BATTERIES in Australia.